Date Run Returning New Kids Total Notes
2018-04-1844120215A chilly night in Flagstaff!
2018-04-114312216Thanks Flagstaff!!
2018-04-04421110123Nice spring evening! We welcomed a Boy Scout troop of 11 boys. What fun! Their leader says they will be back!!!
2018-03-284115116Nice spring weather tonight.
2018-03-2140101Had to cancel late in the sorry!!
2018-03-143953111A windy night, but lots of smiles anyway!
2018-02-28374017It was an icy night in Flagstaff!!!
2018-02-2136100112Such a chilly walk at 28 degrees!!! See you next week.
2018-02-14354117Valentine's Day!
2018-02-0734168127Chilly night!
2018-01-3133261230Nice weather for January!!!
2018-01-2432171222Chilly night, but we got warm walking!!
2018-01-1030232129Chilly and fun!
2018-01-0329192125A wintery night in Flagstaff.
2017-12-27282014Chilly but beautiful!
2017-12-2027208131What fun..including an impromptu holiday party. Thanks Flagstaff, for making fitness a priority!
2017-12-0625225128It's getting chilly out there!!
2017-11-2223142119Wonderful thanksgiving eve!
2017-10-1818308243A wonderful fall evening!
2017-09-2014348451Windy but wonderful!
2017-09-1313308447What a great night to out for some social exercise!
2017-09-06124110460Lots of newbies tonight!
2017-08-30113411353Our Hoka One winner attends with brand new Hoka One shoes!
2017-08-23103212250Another beautiful night in downtown Flagstaff.
2017-08-169011237Perfect weather and we gave away a pair of Hoka One walking/running shoes!
2017-08-0983310248What a wonderful summer evening in Flagstaff. Gave away a pair of Hoka One running/walking shoes.
2017-07-2664716269It was a perfect night for a walk in Flagstaff!
2017-07-195243130A monumental storm got in our way tonight, and we recommended that people not walk or run. But we had a nice crowd in the wings!!
2017-07-1243716259Pretty nice crowd considering that it was pouring rain at 5:15.
2017-07-0533117254Beautiful Flagstaff weather and a wonderful evening!
2017-06-2822723460What a beautiful night for a walk!! Nice turnout for our second MMDT.
2017-06-21157576128 Beautiful night for a beautiful kick off of the first Meet Me Downtown Flagstaff!