The 3.1-mile (5K) route begins at Heritage Square, winding through downtown Flagstaff, through the neighborhoods to the north, followed by the beautiful NAU campus.

For a one-mile option follow the route to Leroux and Aspen, and return to Heritage Square.

Turn-by-turn directions below map

Left on Aspen to San Francisco
Right on San Francisco to Route 66
Left on Route 66 to Verde St.
Left on Verde to Aspen
Right on Aspen to Eldon
Left on Eldon to Cherry
Left on Cherry to Agassiz
Right on Agassiz to Elm
Left on Elm to Leroux
Left on Leroux to Aspen

Continue on Leroux to Route 66
Right on Route 66 to Beaver
Left on Beaver to Phoenix

Right on Phoenix to Mike’s Pike
Left on Mike’s Pike to Cottage
Left on Cottage to Beaver
Right on Beaver to Dupont
Right on Dupont to Knoles
Left on Knoles to Cline Library
Left at  Cline  Library (McCreary) to San Francisco
Left on San Francisco to Route 66
Left on Route 66 to Alley
Right through Alley to Aspen